CLOUDBOX Seating Series  


Our Cloudbox Ottoman series is our playful spin-off of our Cloudbox Sofas intended as companions to the seating or on their own.  Cumulus and Nimbus patterns are applied to various forms from large square and round ottomans to the smaller tuffets and a bench.  Designed as a set of movable seats to add character and charm to a casual setting.

Handcrafted in California.

Cloudbox Ottoman Tear Sheet

  • Big Square Cumulus Ottoman: 48 x 48 x 16.5H  COM 6 yards
    Big Round Cumulus Ottoman: 42D x 16.5H   COM 4 yards
    Nimbus Bench: 50L x 18D x 18H   COM 4 yards, COL 72 square feet
    Cumulus Tuffets:
    Muffin: 18 square x 18H  COM 2 yards
    Cupcake: 20D x 18H  COM 2 yards
    Saddle: 24 x 14 x 18H  COM 3 yards
    Leather not available for quilted Cumulus Pattern
    • Specify size of ottoman, tuffet or bench
    • Specify Pattern: Cumulus (COM only) or Nimbus (COM and COL)
    • Specify wood and finish for base
    Custom requests are welcomed.  Please contact your showroom salesperson
  • The Ottomans have a thin minimally-exposed wood base which is available in our standard woods and finishes including the following:
    Natural, Medium, Dark, Black-Brown and Fog
    White Oak:
    Medium, Dark, Black-Brown, Sand, Teak and Cerused
    Natural, Medium, Dark and Black-Brown
    Lacquer Colors:
    Hokkaido Snow, Oaxaca Flan, India Ivory, Burma Red, Rothko Coal, Klee Clay
    Custom woods and finishes are available upon request when a sample to match is provided.