Smart  Witty + Charming
Inspired by the wire whisks of an egg beater, WHISK is a sociable set of occasional tables for the home or any setting that needs a whip of visual delight. 
The metal strap frame is encased in two tones of leather, hand stitched along the edges like a fine belt.  Neutral tones on the outside and vibrant tones on the inside define the forms and provide a glow. The tinted glass tops are attached to the base for ease of movement and arranging. Use as individuals next to a chair or as a group in front of a sofa. 
Handcrafted in California
  • Low: 26"D x 14.5"H
    Medium: 21"D x 18.5"H 
    Tall: 19”D x 25.5”H

  • • Specify Size Low, Medium or Tall
    • Specify Color Combination for Leathers -  
    • Choose an outside color and an inside color
    • Specify Grey or Bronze Glass for Top

  • Available in seven standard leather colors. Mix and match as you please. Choose an outside color and in inside color.

    • Shadow Grey
    • Sequoia Brown
    • Ivory
    • Coral Pink 
    • Mediterranean Blue
    • Citrus Green
    • Sangria Red

    Glass is available in Bronze or Grey