Commune Dining Tables

This is a modern merging of contemporary and traditional styles.  The open leg-base harmonizes with the breathing shapes of the table top;  the split legs cross and connect with each other on the floor and are reflected in the in-laid propeller veneer pattern on the table surface.  Commune’s shapes, sizes and stationary or expansion configurations are malleable and customizable to address the endlessly varied dining situations. 
Handcrafted in Utah.
  • Breathing Rectangle: 72"L x 42"W x 29"H

                                       72"L x 46"W x 29"H 

                                       88"L x 46"W x 29"H (All three options also available with one or two 18" leaf extension)

    Breathing Round: 42"D, 52"D and 60"D x 29"H (Also available with one 18" leaf extension)

                                 60"D (Available with two 18" leaf extensions)

    Breathing Square: 42"L and 48"L x 29"H (Also available with one 18" leaf extension)

    • Choose Top Shape: Breathing Rectangle, Breathing Round or Breathing Square
    • Choose between Stationary or Extension version
    • Choose Leaf size:  20W is standard.  18W or 22W  are typical options
    • Specify wood and finish
    • Choose to have lower legs in matching or contrasting finish
  • The Commune Table has a solid wood base with an inlay-veneered top in a Propeller-shaped design.

    The finishes can be composed in a variety of ways - The top and leg-base can be specified with contrasting finishes or one finish overall.  The leg-base can be specified with a contrasting lower section.

    Commune is available in our standard woods and finishes including the following:

    Clear, Natural, Medium, Dark, Black-Brown, Fog, Cool Grey,Warm Grey and Graphite
    White Oak:
    Natural ceruse, bleached ceruse, Black-Brown, Sand, Light Driftwood and Dark Driftwood
    Natural, Medium, Dark and Black-Brown
    For an up-charge, custom woods and finishes are available upon request when a sample to match is provided.