Reverie Steel Frame Cases

Our Reverie Cases feature a modern twist to a nostalgic industrial style.  Inspired by the veiled apertures of industrial warehouse windows and the clandestine worlds behind them, the Reverie Steel Frame Case brings a strong and elegant presence to any space.
Handcrafted with precision and refinement suitable to high-end luxury projects, Reverie transcends its industrial roots.
Useful as a server, media case, bar or any other storage concept.
Handcrafted in CA.
  • 74.5"L x 19"D x 35"H (Solid Wood Slab Legs)

    72.5"L x 19"D x 35"H (Metal Frame Base)

    • Choose between metal frame or wood slab sides.
    • Specify glass inserts for doors, sides, top and back:  Back-painted glass, Photo-backed glass, Spy glass, Wire glass, Satin-Etched glass or Mirror.  Custom insert requests welcome (glass or otherwise)
    • Choose wood and finishes
    • Specify wire management needs
    Custom requests are welcomed.  Please contact your showroom salesperson.
    Reverie is only available in its very own Blackened Steel Finish.
    The Metal Frame is designed typically to hold ¼” glass inserts on the door faces, top, sides, and back.  
    Glass insert choices include:
    Back-Painted glass, Photo-Backed glass, Spy glass, Wire glass, Satin-Etched glass or Mirror. 
    Glass is tempered when possible.
    Custom Glass, glass treatments and other insert ideas are welcome.  Please consult with one of our sales associates.