Inspired by Japanese Noren curtain panels that lend a peek of what’s on the other side. The vertically integrated handle provides a pleasing pull and appears to peel back the curtain.  Alternating grain direction on the doors accentuate the elegant height of the cases.  
Three basic configurations to work with:  High,  High-Wide and Short.
Varied drawer depths help to organize the contents.  
    Compact and functional with 5 drawers. A good height for a dressing table or hall console
    30”W x 18.5”D x 35”H

    Narrow and upright. Six drawers high.
    24.5”W x 18.5”D x 53”H

    Generous storage with six drawers on one side and a vertical door on the other with four adjustable shelves within.
    40”W x 18.5”D x 53”H

    Custom sizes available

    • Choose wood and/or paint finishes and which parts are painted or wood
    • Choose powder coat for leg armature color

    Custom requests are welcomed. Please contact your showroom representative.

  • Case + Legs available in all TB standard wood and painted finishes
    Metal Leg Armature available in TB Standard powder-coat finishes

    Finish Options
    Combine Wood + Painted finishes to suit:
    A - Wood overall - body, drawers/doors + legs
    B - Wood body, interior + legs with painted drawers/doors
    C - Painted overall - body + drawers/doors with wood-finished legs
    D - Painted body + interior with wood-finished drawers/doors + legs

    Interior drawer boxes are always painted to match the specified paint color or if the cabinet is all wood they will be painted Ballet White as a default.

    Interior Shelves + Interior Cavity will match the specified body wood + finish or the specified paint color.